Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience Applied to Training


Character development for active life

With this project we aim to improve the skills of trainers and other adult education staff.

With the aim of :

1. Train trainers to support trainees who are away from society using methods that develop motivation

2. These trainers will train their trainees in the years to come by creating favourable conditions for the transformation of the trainees’ character in the face of difficulties.


Empower teachers to become sustainability managers at school

The project consists in preparing teachers on key topics related to the environment and the fight against climate change, so that they can be effective actors of change and raise awareness among high school students as they are the closest to becoming active and empowered citizens.

We will put in place different tools to help headmasters and school staff to implement a sustainable development approach in their school:

-Materiality analysis and report

-Model and toolbox

– E-learning


CSR and Ethic in Training Centres for benefit of all